Offboarding into a Break

So, I’m leaving Splice effective today. And, after 15 years in the industry, I’m taking a break thanks to luck, privilege, and timing.

Why I am taking a Break?

To be frank, I need one. I’ve been grinding for so long in this industry. While a lot of has been successful, I’m also getting jaded and disenchanted. I don’t want to be jaded about my career, or this industry (even though some of my jaded-ness is valid). Bringing that into a future job, even if I throw my full weight and optimism behind the company, with it working out well, would likely see me leaving this industry entirely. So, I need to step back for the good of everybody.

Additionally, I have the luck and privilege of having enough money to take a few months off. I have the savings now where I can take that break. I also live in a city and state that doesn’t have a high cost of living and has an insurance marketplace with reasonable coverage. I recognize that this privilege isn’t something a lot of folks, especially those who look like me have. I’m not taking that lightly.

This is all the more reason why this break is needed. My one staying point of being in this industry is to show others like me that they can survive and thrive here.

What’s next?

Just because I’m on break doesn’t mean I’m going to be stagnant. I’m going to be focusing on non-tech stuff, and on me, for the next month. I’m using this time to focus on hobbies, and checking in on my health to keep it up to snuff to weather future stresses. I also plan to travel. You can keep an eye on my social media and this blog for updates on the hobby/travel part.

After that, I’m slowly going to look at what are my next potential moves, including talking with a coach and colleagues in the industry. If you want to be one of those folks, hit me up. I also want to put it out there that I would love to talk with Venture Capital funds to see if they have any companies that need a security consultant or a seasoned helping hand for their businesses. I’m a tried and true leader in the Tech and Security spaces, and passionate about giving companies (including non-tech companies going digital) the boost they need.